About Us

We are a leading online supplier of high-quality custom ping pong balls. We offer graphic design services and custom imprinting to small businesses and consumers. We offer high-quality design solutions for full-color printing in small quantities, without the premium price. We are making high-quality custom printing and design convenient and affordable for everyone.

We hire both professional and knowledgeable people in the printing industry so that we are in a position to understand and solve customer problems. We feel that customers like to work with us because we offer strong technical support and have the finest quality products that are delivered on time. Our printed products are satisfaction guaranteed. In addition, we offer our customers high standards in privacy and security.

Graphic Design Department

Whether your idea is just a rough sketch on a cocktail napkin or you have fully developed artwork, our Graphic Design Department is responsible for your satisfaction of the final printed product. It’s our job to see that your image appears exactly as you want it to. We want you satisfied with the job we do. It’s one more way we strive to fulfill our promise of total customer satisfaction.

Production & Printing Department

We hire experienced, talented people who take pride in their work and who are committed to providing our customers with high quality custom ping pong balls. Your order will be printed by experienced printers, we employ Master Printers who stay close to each project at our facility. We believe that no problem is too hard to tackle, we’re ready to react creatively and efficiently to solve your problems.

PingPongBalls.net offers ping pong balls in sizes of:

  • 38mm
  • 40mm
  • 44mm
  • 50mm

Looking for ping pong balls in a size we don’t carry? We can produce any size ping pong ball you need!

Color Matching Department

When the color match has to be exact or when color defines your brand, it takes on a meaning that supersedes swatches and paint chips. Our Ink Department meticulously matches colors and formulates inks that resist variations due to environmental conditions. Our painstaking attention to detail means that your imprinting not only looks right, it looks exactly right. From the first ping pong ball through to the last, we make sure the colors stay true and will maintain durability throughout their life. We also keep your custom color formula on file for when you need to replenish.

We offer more ink color choices than anyone! Such as glow-in-the-dark ink and fluorescent inks.

We use Proposition 65 Compliant and Class VI Certified non-toxic ink, approved for use in the medical device industry.

Printing Plate Department

Our Plate Department factors in all aspects of your particular job specifications and examines variables that will affect printing quality. Your questions are answered with the expertise to guide you to the most cost-efficient solutions.

Shipping Department

We are the experts at packaging and shipping.

Our shipping department takes complete care in packing your ping pong balls, that’s why our shipments arrive damage free 99.8% of the time!

Our shipping department offers specialized packing services that are not typically available from other ping pong ball companies such as:

  • Timely and accurate shipments and shipping rates
  • Explanations of different shipping services
  • Assistance estimating weights and dimensions for your order or shipment
  • Completed international shipping with shipping documents
  • PingPongBalls.net will provide email tracking information on your shipment
  • Blind shipments We offer color shipping boxes other than brown
    • We can ship directly to your customer with your return address as the sender, your customer will not know that their ping pong balls came from us.
    • We can even print your company name and logo on the outside of the shipping box.


  • We offer color shipping boxes other than brown

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