Jan 20, 2014

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Why Ping Pong Balls Burn?

Ping pong balls are made for an exciting game. They are great to play with, but some old ping pong balls sometimes explode or com-bust when they are hitting. Modern ping pong balls are not as much sensitive as the old are. But, when you take a lighter to the balls, they will burn as like a tiny flamethrower and will burst into flame. So, a question may be raised in your mind that why a pong ball burn? Read below contents to find your answer.

ping pong 5Some of us think that the ping pong balls are filled with flammable gas, but what we see that they are full of regular air. The balls only burn for their composition. Ping pong balls are composed of celluloid that is similar with nitrocellulose or gun cotton. These ingredients are extremely flammable. Most of the old balls are made with acidified celluloid that is now totally unstable. Only slightest heat or spark from friction ignite can ignite them.

How to combust ping pong balls?                                                                        

If you want to ignite a ping pong ball you can try out this project by yourself.

The things that you need are:

  • A ping pong ball
  • Fire-safe surface and
  • A long handled lighter

If you have checked out online, you may have seen that people would use to hold ping pong balls while they are lighting. Normally, they are lighting the ping pong balls from the top. Wherever you are lighting it, almost all heat escapes over the ball. These balls burn rapidly, that’s why it is a bad idea of holding the ball when you are lighting. This kind of lighting is too much danger to burn you. Moreover, the fire can catch up on your clothes as well as hair. There is also a chance of exploding the ball. The explosion can spread the flame which causes injury to the people.

In order to light a ping pong balls you have to follow few steps. At first, you should set it ping pong 6on a surface that fire safe. For example, you can set the ball at a metal bowl or on a brick. Now light the ball with a lighter (consider long handled lighter). The flame may shoot up high. So, it is not a good idea to lean over it. Make sure you have set the ball away from anything flammable. It is better to light at outdoors, unless the smoke alarm go off.

In order to bring variation in this project you can follow other tips. Such as you can cut a hole and light the ball from the inside using a match. While you watch the ball will disintegrate.

Here are all about how to burn a ping pong ball. Though, it is not good to burn a ping ball by yourself, but with the above instruction you can light a ball easily and safely. As ping pong balls are highly flammable you should be careful while you light it up.

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