Jan 21, 2014

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Play of ping pong balls is risky for heart disease patient

If the people are to get a good and healthy life they must need to do some types of exercise. And that point of view they play many types of games and do various kinds of exercise. Play of ping pong balls are one of the most common physical exercise. But these types of exercise sometimes will be risky in human life. Some people will be affected many dangerous disease to play these types of game and it is very strange to hear it. But there will some conflict to play this game.

Play of ping pong balls are very much enjoyable to play in the present years but it will be harmful also that scientist will be proving.

Mainly this play is so much effective for the heart patient. Because when these game will Ping Pong Ball and Paddlestart that moment the player will move one place to another and those reason the main pressure in their body will be their chest. For these reason they will be affected by heart stroke.  Some moment the people will think ping pong balls play is good for all kind of diseases. But it is a false idea and whose people that they can maintain that rule they will be fall many kind of dangerous moment. This play is so much excited play and if the heart patient will feel it they will be ill that time. Because the heart patient will be excited at all time and the blood circulation rate is not normal in their body. So when they will start to play the ping pong balls they will be excited also in that moment and many unexpected situation will be occur. The patient will think sometimes if they play all time then they will be fitted. But it’s also a bad idea for their life. A heart patient is needed to take rest and to protect many types excitement in their life. But most of the cases it is not occur. The heart patient think about that they will be play all types of games and to get a better life. As a result they start to play those types of games. As a result they will be fall a serious heart attack. So we say the heart disease patient is to need a good and cool exercise for their life. But some cases they will not maintain it properly but we said that if the patient will be stop smoking than they must be stop this ping pong balls play.

In this present situation there are many types of exercise will be create and the people also do these types of exercise. But we must need to know what the bad impact of those types of exercise is and what people are play of this game. Like ping pong balls play is so much risk for heart disease patient. So we need to know about this and to protect the diseases. And if we cannot protect or remove that disease we need to leave many bad habits like ping pong balls play in our daily routine.


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