Jan 21, 2014

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Play with the Ping Pong Balls

In the world there are many people who work in different sector. Every people have some different ambition.Some people will be a doctor and some people will be a good ping pong 11player.In that case many types of game start in the world in different time.As source of this game some exceptional game like table tines or ping pong ball game was started.Ping pong is around shape ball and it wills many types of color like white,red,yellow etc.It is a plastic material and it weight is 2.7 gram. Many years ago ping Pong play was started. In present age this ping pong play is very much popular in the people.Mainly two or four people play this table tennis.It will be play in a table and this table is divided into two different parts.

Size and shape of ping pong balls.

The size of the ball is always rounding and it the shape of this ball is so much smooth.The ball is small.The diameter of the ball is 40 mm.And the mass of this ball is 2.7 gm.

Now the question how it is made? Ping pong balls is made from plastic.At first the plastic material is heated and then to create a round shape.When the round shape will be made than it joined with the glue and those types of glue which is apply in very difficult joint.When the glue set up is done carefully than it will be dried about some hours.And it will be half to one hour in a dry machine.But here we must to safe the high temperature.Because the ball is made from plastic.When the dry procedure will be finish than it give some color.The color of the ping pong ball is so much different like white,yellow,red,blue etc.And then when the color will be done in the ball than it will be pack and sell in the market.

Ping pong ball contain some gas. Ping pong ball contain some types of gasses.Mainly it contains high amount of air.It also contains some gasses like nitrogen,helium, and other ping pong 12types of halogen gasses. When a ball put in the light than the ball give a light.And those light will be different and it is differ from its color.When many ball with joined together in a different shape to produce an electrical light that we will see it gives a nice variation in our environment.Sometimes this light will be used in much different lighting purpose.

Use and Advantages of the Ping Pong balls are many. There are many types of uses in this ball.Mainly it is used in table tennis.Sometimes it will be used in much decorative purpose.People also use it in many types of festival for lighting.Children also play this ball with his or her friends.The main objectives of this ball is to move one another place and to use in different purposes.And it is a very useful to create a new view in our mind.So ping pong ball is not only a table tennis ball but also a good tool for our decoration.


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