Jan 20, 2014

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How to repair a dented ping pong ball

So you want to repair a dented ping pong balls. Fortunately, you do not have to throw them away.

This is how to repair dented ping pong balls

Use boiling water

  • Boil a pot of water.ping pong 9
  • Put the tennis ball in the water surface. Leave it there until it returns to its spherical shape.
  • Take the ball out of the water.
  • Place the ball on a cloth and wrap the cloth around it to form the record of all the edges around a bag.
  • You can hang the bag until the ball is cooled.

Heating with a lighter

  • Find a sixth assistant who is skilled with a lighter.
  • Carefully the flame is removed in the excess heat Tennis movement, but enough to cause a reaction. Nevertheless, it cannot keep. Instead, go slow.
  • Continue until the gas inside the ball, the ball is to expand the facility and damaged that it returns to the normal standards of reading.
  • Make the ball cool.
  • Enjoy and relax to play!

Place the ball in a dryer

  • Put a tennis ball in a conventional dryer for 20-30 seconds. Occasionally the ball will take up to five minutes, depending on the quality of the ball undent above.
  • Make it cool to harden.

Using a hair dryer

  • Take a hair dryer and warm with a high value.
  • Put 16 points and the vertical air flow.
  • Make the Ping-Pong flow vertically in the air.
  • Carefully observe how they grow. It can be taken to periodically cool the gases expand to the container to ensure that no distortion.

Use another ping-pong ball

  • Now take another one ping pong balls, nail polish (acetone) and sandpaper.
  • Cut a piece of fabric on the other ball.
  • Glue this piece to the damaged area with the nail area.
  • Buff the area with sandpaper.


• Do not put the ball and let it sit on your face is still hot, or what’s going to form a flat edge. Keep in limbo, when fresh, has a soft cloth or hang until cool.


ping pong 10• This only works with a dented ping pong balls, no cracks.

• Let too close to ignore at the table tennis or flame to touch the ball – catch fire, dramatically.

• Do not expect the ball is as durable as in the past. Whenever the renewal of the ball loses its durability until it clicks or cracks.

• The ball may change slightly after heating. As, for example the size will increase.

• In each case, a tennis ball in a microwave oven. A few seconds of firing up burn high enough to build up inside at a temperature.

• The obvious dangers of fire and boiling water, no children without adult supervision.

• The unit can also decrease the rebound, and will result in modified games.

• The table tennis ball, a foul odor.


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