Jan 20, 2014

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Use ping pong balls for various crafts

Ping pong balls are not only for playing but also for decorating home as well as many events. When you buy a bucket of ping pong balls, you have huge craft possibilities. You can do various things with a bucket of ping pong balls. This article will help you by providing instructions about how making craft with these balls. Surely, both you and your children can enjoy lots of fun with these. Let’s check the tips to make crafts with ping pong balls.

Give different colors into your ping pong balls

At first take some new scatter paintings of different colors. Take your ping pong balls ping-pong ball on a racketand dip that on the painting. Now take a tray and put a large piece of white paper. Roll the balls across the white paper. In order to get different patterns and designs you can tilt the tray. Lean the try in different directions as the ping pong balls can roll around on it. You can also try to place the tray on the side of the table and bowl on that. You can paint your balls in different colors by using these techniques. You can also ensure brand new unique color of the balls in different times.

Make Nightlights with your ping pong balls

You can use ping pong balls as Nightlights. This will be a wonderful craft for home decoration.

The things that you will need to make Nightlights are:

  • Ping pong balls
  • Paper
  • Battery tea lights
  • Permanent markers
  • Scissors and
  • Scissors.

At first you have to cut an X at the bottom of the balls. Make sure you have cut enough the ball that will fit over the light. When you have attached the light inside the balls you can decorate them in many ways. You can make them soccer balls, basket balls, or can give your own design. Moreover, you can attach various paper designs using glue dots. If you want to give a spookier design into the balls, use the same technique and create glowing eyeballs. You can display them on different occasions such as you can use them on Halloween.

Use ping pong balls for animal creation:

ping pong 3You can use your ping pong balls for various animal creations. As for example, you can make an alligator with them. In order to decorate them as alligator take two ping pong balls to make the eyes of alligators. Now, take a toilet paper tube and glue these two ping pong balls with the tube to give eye shape. Before gluing the ping pong balls you can paint the balls and decorate the tubes. Use construction paper to cut out a tail and claws for alligator. Now, glue these balls to the tube.

Ping pong balls are really amazing. If you are creative you can use them to make different home decorations. There are lots of possibilities that you can use for various home decorations. You can also use them to make a caterpillar or a snowman.

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